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Nebraska Fishing- -Double R Ranch
Pike-Bass-Perch- Private Lakes

The Nebraska Double R Ranch has some terrific on-site fishing! There are some mighty Northern Pike that may offer a challenging workout! The Large Mouth Bass are respectable contenders along with the Blue Gill and Golden Perch. The fishing is a "Requested, Catch and Release" program with the exception of the Blue Gill. There are too many Blue Gill so you can take what you want. They will make a tasty meal.. Your thoughtfulness in complying with the program will help to encourage others to do the same and assure there will always be good fishing in this special place. The Marsh Lake is so good for the folks who love to fish. It is an unpolluted, peaceful, secluded, spring-fed, private Nebraska Sandhill lake. There is no additional charge for the fishing. The fishing is outstanding in the spring. There are quite a few groups make this an annual fishing trip which speaks for itself.

If you would like to make this a more relaxing, extended fishing trip for your group, you can stay in the guest cabins. There are two units available. The cabins are very comfortably furnished and come with completely outfitted kitchenettes. Everything to cook is furnished except the food so you can prepare your own meals. There is a gas grill at each cabin if you want to grill. All of the bedding and the towels are furnished. The cost of the cabins is:

Small Cabin $100 per night—sleeps 4 adults
Big Cabin $125 per night—sleeps 6 adults
Sales and Lodging taxes additional

The Double R Guest Ranch was blessed with an unusually wet spring in 2017. The heavy moisture brought many newly emerging springs and more wetlands. The springs and heavy rains filled previously dry, sandy areas, nooks, and road beds with an over abundance of water. The Marsh Lake was enlarged maybe one- third or more, and has stayed as full all winter. Before these extremely wet conditions, there was a good, useful dock area where you could launch and tie-up your boats. The dock is no longer accessible, and you will need to be resourceful to get your boat in and out of the water. However, most dedicated fishermen are able to work around the problem and are not deterred. When time and weather permits, the dock will need to be rescued and reset in a different area. There is no charge for the fishing. It is another included activity.

This Nebraska guest ranch is very fortunate to have three good spring-fed lakes. Two of them are good fishing and the 3rd one is dividing itself each spring, going under some hills into the Allen Valley. But, for whatever the cause, the next spring the body of the lake returns to its normal lakeside area and then builds up again. After it increases in size to what it used to be, it cuts under and through the hills again into the next valley. This has happened each late spring for the past three years.. This is a strange phenomenon and puzzling. I believe it will become a permanent lake in the Allen Valley within a few years. Until such time as the lake does not return to the Home Valley, you will still be able to observe the shore birds, pelicans, swan, geese, duck, deer and many other birds, and small game animals. What remains of the water will provide many photo opportunities. It is now a big, marshy area with ponds for the wild animals and birds to enjoy. Enough water always remains so the reeds grow up all over. It is still a beautiful Nebraska Double R Ranch wet land even after the water detours into the Allan Valley. Nebraska house rental with fishing

Some of these new spring waters forced a way up and around the curves in the main road over to the cabin area causing some excavation and rerouting to take place. The new road was better than the old one; it was higher. If the waters continue to spring forth, more will soon need to done on the road. As anyone living in the Sandhill area will tell you, "Never cuss the rains; just try to appreciate nature's bounty!" Rain won't always come when needed, and a drought can be just a rain away!

If you are staying in the cabins, you can use the small fishing boat that the ranch provides. You can also use the paddle boat if you have help to launch it. It is not heavy, just awkward to handle alone. There is nothing like paddling out on the placid lake in the early evening and watching the sensational sunsets, or the early sun rises.

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nebraska lodging for hunting and outdoor activities
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